Getting Started

Getting Started

If you're getting ready for your first experience at CityROCK, this guide will help make your first visit as seamless as possible! If you have any questions after reading the Getting Started guide, feel free to contact us or give us a call at 719-634-9099.

Plan about 30 minutes of extra time on your first visit to get through the orientation process. Filling out your waiver ahead of time can cut this time by 10 minutes. Be sure to do that here.
Spanish Language Waiver

If you need to fill out a CityROCK waiver, please do so here.

Step 1: A Signed Waiver

Anyone coming to CityROCK to participate in any one of our activities needs a signed waiver on file. If you are under 18 years of age, you will need your waiver signed by your parent or legal guardian. Save time at the front desk by signing our waiver online before you head to CityROCK!
Spanish Language Waiver

Step 2: A Pass

Once we have your signed waiver on file, it's time to choose your climbing pass! We have day use options and varying types of memberships. Once you've decided, it's time to get oriented!

By the way, if your first time at CityROCK is with one of our members, your first climb is free!

Step 3: Orientation

On your first visit, we will require you, regardless of experience, to watch our 7-minute orientation video. We've tried to make it fun and entertaining and it also goes over a lot of important information, so plan to give it your full attention. After the video, a CityROCK staff member will take you into the gym to give you a tour of what we have to offer. If you're new to climbing or don't have a partner, we have devices called auto belays that take up the slack for you as you climb and lower you when you're done or if you fall. The use of auto belays is explained in our video and our staff will watch you use them before turning you loose in the gym.

Step 4: Equipment Rental (Optional)

Don't have your own gear? No problem, we've got you covered with rental shoes, harnesses, chalk bags, and ATC belay devices.
Check out the rental and pricing options.

Step 5: Start Climbing!

If you'd like to get on terrain not covered by the auto belay, you should consider taking our introductory lessons or belay class! These classes will enhance your climbing experience at CityROCK.

New to Climbing?

After you've watched our orientation video and had a staff member show you the ropes (ha!), you should feel fairly comfortable in our gym. Many people will be anxious to get started and we will try to get those folks climbing as quickly as possible. If you have some anxieties about climbing, don't worry. Please let us know and we can give you some tips that have helped many other folks just like you. We think everyone is "afraid of heights" - it just kicks in at different altitudes. Climbing is something we naturally do as humans - you might be surprised to find out you're better at it than you thought you would be!

Trying Us for the First Time?

Regardless of experience, all first-time visitors to CityROCK must have a waiver on file and watch our orientation video. You will also need to pass our belay test before you top-rope or lead climb. There is a separate test for each. All belay tests are free and available anytime we are open.

What about kids?

Kids are natural-born climbers and can climb in CityROCK at any age. The CLIMBarium targets kids ages 2 – 6. It is a kid-friendly space with climbing, a zip-line, a slide, and toys. We have also developed a number of programs that allow kids to experience the benefits of climbing. Visit our Youth Programs for more information on after-school classes, climbing team, camps, birthday parties and more. Parents, for safety reasons, we ask that you stay with your kids if they are 11 or under.