Kelly Elliott

As a Colorado native, Kelly first discovered Yoga in 1994. In the years that followed, she has enhanced her practice and realized a deeper sense of strength, body awareness and spirituality. She received her 200hr Yoga certification at Pranava RYS in 2011, and it was one of the best experiences of her life. She has a deep respect for the tradition and a strong passion for the practice. She tolerates back issues and moderate pain herself. Practicing Yoga has helped her mentally and physically so that she is able to live a more productive, youthful life. She feels blessed to have the opportunity to share the wonderful benefits of Yoga with others. Kelly is dedicated to the Yoga practice as she continues her own growth and understanding.

Anna Parrish

Anna started her own yoga practice ten years ago while completing teacher training at Appalachian State University. She has been instructing Vinyasa style yoga for nine years. After moving to Colorado, she studied and completed a 200hr Yoga Alliance teacher training for Viniyoga (yoga therapy) in 2014 at Old Town Yoga in Fort Collins. Anna is passionate about yoga, climbing, the outdoors and integrating all of them. She has been fortunate to practice with amazing teachers and experience the transformation and healing that yoga brings to both body and mind. Anna wants to share these experiences with her students, yoga practitioners, and climbers.

Holly Sciorra

Holly grew up in Colorado with a dream of being a native. She often dreamt about running away and living in the Garden of the Gods in a tent. Her dream of becoming a native Coloradan came true not long after she only ever left Colorado to live in NC for 6 months. In that time she worked at a local climbing gym and discovered to her surprise her love of teaching the kids climbing team yoga. When she came back to Colorado she went straight into teaching yoga full time. Fast forward 9 ½ years Holly has taught many athletes at the Olympic level and has continued her love of nature and sleeping in tents. Holly teaches levitation at the advanced level in her classes after of course learning to balance on your finger tips. She encourages authenticity from her students since she believes this is the true path to enlightenment. Please come to Holly’s class with a willingness to experience true yoga…..whatever that is….to you.

Matt Wilson & Kristen Golden

Matt Wilson and Kristen Golden, affectionately known as AcroDorks, began teaching Acrobatic Yoga together in July 2014.

Matt discovered Acrobatic Yoga during the summer of 2010 at CityROCK with YogaSlacker teachers, Jeremy Hasty and Elizabeth Fluharty, and quickly became addicted to the community, trust, and playfulness surrounding Acro. As his practice grew, he began seeking any and every opportunity to perform and play. Matt knew early on that he wanted to teach, and soon completed YogaSlacker and Acro Revolution Teacher Training programs. Furthering his practicing and feeding his Acro addiction, Matt has studied, taught, and performed in Thailand and throughout the U.S.

Kristen began her Acro practice during an AcroYoga Immersion in February 2013 in Washington D.C. With her background as an E-RYT 200 yoga teacher, she found peace, healing, and new sense of self on the mat. Acro adds new depth to her practice through the introduction of communication, trust, and personal connections. Fueled by a fuller practice, she soon found herself studying with the YogaSlackers at Wanderlust Vermont, and training higher-level acrobatics at Acrogasm Boston.

Joe Lavorini

Joe is ecstatic to be a vinyasa yoga instructor, a designation he received in 2014 after practicing for 8 years. He is thrilled to be part of the yoga community in the Pikes Peak Region where there is an eclectic mix of studios that each have their own unique style. Joe works full-time in the environmental non-profit sector and is grateful to have the opportunity to teach yoga at a few studios, some very non-traditional, in the area. While never taking for granted the spiritual, mindful, and physical aspects of the practice, Joe is mostly concerned that students who take his class remember to hang loose and to be thankful for the sense of community that yoga inspires.

Jessica Joy

Jessica began her yoga journey ten years ago when she started taking an occasional yoga class to stretch out tight hamstrings from years as a competitive runner. It wasn’t until 2009 when she truly discovered that yoga has so much more to offer. She began teaching vinyasa flow in Colorado Springs in early 2010. Soon after she began teaching Principal-Based Partner Yoga and Yin Yoga; where she developed a deep appreciation for the physical release found in the supported stretch from a partner and through props like blocks and bolsters.

In 2015 she fell in love with aerial silks and expanded this love into yoga through taking Aerial Yoga teacher training in November 2015. Much like the support you can get in Yin Yoga and through Principal-Based Partner Yoga, Aerial Yoga allows students to safely move more deeply into their practice through the assistance of the hammock. Jessica encourages students to be present, to enjoy the process and reminds them that wherever they are in their practice is exactly where they are meant to be.

LeAnne Carrouth

After practicing consistently for 20 years, LeAnne decided to take the plunge and certify to teach through Pranava’s 200-hour training. She is delighted and honored to bring yoga’s many benefits to all practitioners. Her joyful compassion and down-to-earth sense of humor bring perspective and accessibility to the practice.

LeAnne’s background as a competitive gymnast in her long-ago youth set her up to enjoy inversions, but her foray into yoga began on the floor of her classroom during her planning period when she was teaching middle school. The energy and patience that she could bring to her students after a short practice was remarkable. Her practice became more consistent when a car accident took running out of the picture for an extended time. Yoga was both therapeutic and challenging.

In the rest of her life, LeAnne enjoys her unusual family, reading, theater and film, as well as cooking and the New York Times crossword puzzle (yep, super-nerdy!) She is grateful to yoga for its many gifts.

Grace Lineberg

A Colorado native and athletic by nature, I became a long-distance runner in 2011 and began my yoga practice in 2014 because I rarely seemed to remember to stretch adequately after a run and was left with nagging injuries and uncomfortable race finishes. In addition to greater balance and strength, it was through yoga that I began to incorporate intention and gratitude into everyday life. I've loved celebrating in comfort, struggle, and health, supported by a more balanced life.

I most love vinyasa/power flow, Yin, and Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) yoga and I thrive on variety. Most classes I teach are an open-levels format, focused on movement, anatomy, and alignment. As a teacher, I try to encourage students to stretch their comfort zone, to try something new with instruction and provide support to do so safely and I've loved seeing the joy and often surprise that results.

Always looking for ways to grow my practice, I completed my RYT-200 yoga teacher certification, certified in SUP Yoga, WPA Level I, and Aromatouch technique. In my time off my yoga mat, you can find me running, skiing, traveling, and enjoying life with my husband, rescue dog, and two cats.

Annabelle Yoo

Annabelle has cultivated a devoted yoga practice for more than 10 years ago, starting her path in NYC. She completed her yoga teacher training at OM Yoga Center under Cyndi Lee, incorporating a mutual devotion to Tibetan Buddhist teachings and a playful, exploratory spirit on the mat. Annabelle loves to teach and practice Vinyasa, Restorative and Advanced Asana classes and regularly teaches yoga/meditation retreats at Shambhala Mountain Center, a dharma and mindfulness center in Northern Colorado. She is a newly licensed RN and when not on the mat can be found baking delicious treats, rock climbing, roller blading and shrinrin-yoku in Colorado’s many wilderness areas.

Ed Rosinski

Ed has been a practicing yogi since 2007 and his philosophy of yoga is to exclude none while challenging all, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. He quickly learned that yoga is not about mastery, but about practice and effort. There is never an end point or goal; just a journey of physical growth and self-discovery. Yoga has helped him to become physically and mentally stronger than he has ever previously experienced. He has personally witnessed the tremendous effects of the connection of body and mind through yoga and has worked to incorporate these practices into his daily life. As a yoga teacher, he hopes to provide a challenging physical practice that creates strength in the mind and a connection with the breath through balance.

Christine Malmborg

Christine began her yoga practice in 2005 in the California Bay Area where she is from. After moving to Colorado in 2006 her dedication to practicing yoga grew and she began to see how her practice connected with every aspect of her life: "Yoga helps me appreciate my life the way it is moment by moment.” Christine completed her 200hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in 2009. She is a registered ERYT Instructor with the Yoga Alliance and has lead over a dozen Yoga Teacher Training Programs, guiding hundreds of new instructors on their path to teaching yoga. Christine feels immensely blessed on her path as a yoga teacher and loves sharing the transformative power of yoga with students and new instructors. Christine approaches her teaching with a playful spirituality and strives to teach with compassion, humor, and inspiration.