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Joe and Lara Grosjean's first gym, The Rock, opened in 2004, located in the Soc n' Roll building in Monument. When Joe and Lara saw an opportunity to open another gym downtown in Colorado Springs, they jumped on the idea. The CityROCK building itself started as the historic Ute Theater (the original movie theater sign is above the bathrooms) until it closed in 1968. The building later became home to an antique store until September 2009, when Joe and Lara started building the urban/city version of The Rock at its current location downtown.

CityROCK opened its doors in December 2009. The Rock officially closed in 2011. Since its opening, CityROCK has been a focal point for local climbers who see our gym as a great place to train for outside adventures and for those looking to be part of a wonderful community, the same community that has supported us through the years, especially during our latest remodel and beautification project.

CityROCK is now a climbing gym with a full training and fitness area, a yoga studio, a kids area, and a restaurant. The Ute & Yeti restaurant was named to honor the restaurant “The Yak and Yeti” in Kathmandu, Nepal, a restaurant known as a stopping point for mountaineers coming off Everest. The Ute & Yeti was founded with the help of UpaDowna, a local non-profit whose mission is to provide access to outdoor adventures for all, through events and programs that empower individuals, create healthier communities, and foster a respect for the environment.

2019 was CityROCK’s 10th anniversary. 10 years of happiness, of dreams coming true, of hard work and great achievements, of togetherness and long-lasting friendships. It’s been 10 beautiful years, and we would like to celebrate with our members, guests, and others who consider CityROCK a big or small part of their lives.



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