Intro to Rope Climbing at CityROCK

This class is designed to help new climbers learn about indoor gym climbing, both bouldering and sport.  We'll cover gym etiquette, climbing terminology, how to fall, and how to belay.

To get belay-certified, come back the next day (at least 24 hours) or whenever convenient, to test out and show us that what you learned stuck! If you are interested in just learning how to properly belay then check out our belay lessons.

You will learn how to:

  • Tie the figure-8 knot and use the ATC
  • Perform a buddy check and commands
  • Belay correctly following the industry standards
  • Bouldering and falling
  • Climbing terminology and gym etiquette
  • Basic climbing techniques to move efficiently on the wall

What can I do next?

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If you have any questions please email Sara or call us at 719.634.9099