Outdoor Classes With PPAS

CityROCK and Pikes Peak Alpine School have teamed up to get you climbing outdoors.  

Gym to Crag (GTC)

Take your indoor climbing skills outdoors with this 2-part class. You'll spend 3 hours here at CityROCK with a PPAS guide before heading outside for an 8 hour day climbing at one of our local crags. 

  • 3 hour, Friday evening, gym session at CityROCK with PPAS guide
  • 8 hour outdoor session on Saturday with PPAS guide
  • $185/climber
  • Needs a minimum of 3 climbers to run, 8 climber max
  • 4:1 max climber to guide ratio for outdoor session, or 8:2 (two guides)


MUST know how to top rope belay. If you do not, you must take a belay class prior to registering for GTC.  


Friday June 17, Saturday June 18
Friday July 8, Saturday July 9
Friday August 12, Saturday August 13
Friday September 9, Saturday September 10


Rescue Clinic, Rescue 101: 

Want to learn how to rescue yourself or your partner? This course will teach you the basics of climbing rescue techniques. 

  • 4 hour gym session with PPAS guide
  • $55/climber
  • Need 4 climbers to run, 6 climber max


You MUST know the following prior to signing up for the Rescue clinic: 

  • How to lead belay
  • Anchor building and cleaning
  • Rope handling

If you do not know how to do these things, please learn these skills prior to signing up for the Rescue Clinic.