Movement Class at CityROCK

Have you been climbing awhile, but feel like you're missing something? New to climbing and looking for direction? Want to learn more about a specific topic such as hangboarding, training, or increasing your power? Our new Train Smarter program is for you!

We'll explore a new topic each week. Climbers can drop-in for a single class or sign up for the whole month. Classes will not be progressive, so you can pick and choose the topics that interest you the most, or take all 4 to learn how they relate. Check out the weekly topics below:

Week 1
Strength: Learn how to develop strength and best practices while using a hangboard. 

Week 2
Power: "With great power comes great responsibility." - Voltaire  Learn to develop your power responsibly. 

Week 3
Training for Endurance

Week 4
Program Design: A simple approach on how to create your own effective training program that fits into your schedule. 

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If you have any question please e-mail Ian Richards or call us at 719.634.9099