Dry-tooling started at CityROCK's previous location, The Rock, in Monument. The Rock shared its space with an ice hockey rink. To embrace the cold temperatures and start training for the upcoming ice and dry-tool season, the owners decided to add dry-tooling to the gym and Ice Night to the list of events. 

12 years later, CityROCK still carries on the tradition of providing dry-tooling routes for dry-toolers and ice climbers. We set dry-tool routes in September and will keep them on the walls until early Spring. These routes feature a variety of holds for tools with open feet. 

We invite all dry-toolers to come in and climb on the dry-tool routes in our gym. There's no extra fee, but you must either have a membership, punch pass, or day pass to climb.  

Dry-tooling Rules

Many gyms will not allow dry tooling due to the potential liability of having people 40 feet in the air with sharp objects.  Please respect our willingness to let you do this by following our rules. 

  • Dry-tooling is allowed ONLY at staff discretion. 

  • Please check with a staff member before dry-tooling

  • If the facility is crowded or becomes crowded you may be asked to refrain from dry tooling until the staff decides that it is safe.

  • Climbers and belayers must wear helmets with visors.  If you do not have these, please ask a staff member to borrow them.  

  • Climbers must use leashes on their tools, either standard wrist leashes or harness-attached ones.  If you do not have these, please ask a staff member to borrow them.  

  • Cone off the area around your climb, allowing for a swing zone. If you do not know where cones are located, ask a staff member.

  • Alert the other climbers near you that you will be climbing with sharp tools in your hands.

  • No leading is allowed apart from competitions and special events.  If you want to practice leading, you may do a faux lead on top rope.

  • Dry-tooling is NOT allowed on auto-belays.