Janelle Anderson

Team CityROCK Head Coach

Never bored as Mrs. Rockprodigy and proud maker of Lucas Danger & Axel Adventure!
Member of Team Trango with 15+ years climbing experience to include traditional, sport, ice, mixed and alpine a bunch of training in between.

Michael Anderson

Team CityROCK Coach

Mike is a Team City Rock coach, and author of the Rock Climber's Training Manual.

Lucas Bundy

Head Route Setter

I practice my whipper face in the mirror.

Michael Caracappa

Director of Marketing

Jeff Dokmo

Team CityROCK Coach, Movement Coach

Climbing isn't just a hobby - it informs my perspectives and worldview. It reminds me that movement is life, obstacles can be overcome with creativity, and gains come through pains. It helps me to appreciate the environment, people, and cultures around me. Now embrace life's adventure and climb on!

Jackson Fulcher

Intro Lessons Instructor

I have developed a love for the outdoors as well as indoor climbing, and it is this passion and knowledge that I pour into coaching.

Shanese Furlow

Route Setter

Brian Hicks

Club Coach

If you want to know why I climb, answer this question: what color does the number seven smell like?

Dave Jackson

Owner and creator of the Cave at CityROCK (CaveSim)

My hobby: Teaching my 2-year-old to use words like burgeoning, chandelier, stalactite and oscilloscope in casual conversation.

Laura Jones

Front Desk

I grew up in the country of North Carolina, hunting, fishing, and adopting every stray animal that came my way. I was considered "the adventurous one" back home but once I moved to Colorado, I quickly realized that all those "adventures" were just part of everyday life around here. It's a whole new adventure and I love every minute of it.

Matt Jones

Front Desk

I love rock climbing, especially long multi pitch climbs. I am excited to be a part of CityRock where I can share this passion for climbing. If you have any questions or just want to talk about climbing in general come see me at the front desk!

Viktoriya Larmore-Schaaf

Front Desk

Fork lifts are my favorite kind of lifts. I am also a Guess Who pro gamer. Pizza.

Matt Leap

Intro Lessons Instructor, Front Desk

Stay in school, kids.

Don McGrath

Movement Coach

My wife and I used to have a 1200 square foot bouldering cave in our basement in Fort Collins and every year we would throw a big bouldering comp and after party on Groundhog Day. We called it the Punxsutawney Pulldown.

Larissa Phillips

General Manager

Larissa has a thing for eating with small spoons.

Isaac Palatt

Route Setter

Originally from the desert Southwest, Isaac might need a little while to adjust to the snow in Colorado. The only thing he finds better than perfectly forcing moves on plastic is developing first ascents outdoors.

Becca Reberry

Club Coach

I grew up in Kansas and fell in love with the mountains. Climbing is a big way I am able to connect and learn about the world around me.

Ian Richards

Director of Programs

I hate working with Tony.

David Wilk

Adult Team Coach

Mary Poppins and Dr. Dre are my heroes

Tony Yao

Director of Operations

I hate working with Ian.