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all climbers, spectators, and visitors must have an up-to-date waiver on file. Save time and fill out your waiver before you arrive.
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daily rates

single use entry

gear rental

single day use

*CityROCK does not rent lead ropes. Please bring your own if you want to lead climb

All CityROCK visitors, guests, and climbers must have a signed waiver. Parents or legal guardians must fill out a waiver for kids under 18. 

membership perks

for eft and annual prepaid members

  • One guest pass per month (They do not accumulate)
  • Bring locals who are new to CityROCK free of charge (one guest per day)
  • Free or discounted rates on select classes and events 
  • During events and competitions that require gym closures to the public, CityROCK members have access to non-impacted areas
  • Free yoga 
  • Free clinics
  • Free harness rentals
  • Free 15-minute Physical Therapy consultations with Synergy Manual PT. Limited spots for each month, sign-up at the Beta Center!
  • Free 20-minute monthly massages from the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy. Limited spots for each month, sign-up at the Beta Center! (Not currently offered due to COVID-19 restrictions) 
  • EFT members that need a short break can freeze EFT memberships to avoid paying the full monthly rate. EFT members will be able to pick up where they left off without paying a joining fee when ready to come back. EFT membership freezes start the 5th of the month for $8/month.
  • Annual and monthly prepaid memberships can be frozen for a minimum of 1 month at a time for an $8 freeze fee.
  • Free membership freeze in the case of injury, illness, or deployment.
  • Memberships cannot be refunded except in extreme circumstances.

Please use the button below to freeze or cancel your membership