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By Larissa Phillips

Did you know there are an average of 150 seeds per dandelion puff, and up to 10 dandelions per plant? That's wild! No wonder there are dandelions everywhere. 

Last year I decided to grow an egg plant, not realizing those things spread like crazy. For those new to gardening, egg plants (not to be confused with eggplants), hit their peak in April, with prime harvest being the Sunday following the Paschal Full Moon, which this year falls on Sunday, April 12th.

Being so busy with indoor projects, I didn't realize how many eggs had sprouted. The seeds are all colorful, but unlucky for me, I'm ROYGBIV color blind.

I later found some color-enhancing glasses and discovered 8 eggs.

After pulling all the eggs out of the juniper bush, I figured I had found them all, so I went inside to wash my hands. Then I spotted 10 more in the bathroom.

That is... until I put on the color-enhancing glasses...

…and realized there were 15.

The egg plant seeds must have traveled on my clothes, so I threw them in the hamper and looked for something else to wear. I didn't want more eggs sprouting in unusual places.

But wait. There were eggs in the closet. Did I have a trick up my sleeve? Nope. Just eggs. Lots and lots of eggs. I found more than the 15 that were in the bathroom.

I put on the glasses to make sure I got them all.

Yep. 18 eggs, hiding in the sleeves and folds.

All this egg hunting made me hungry, so I went to fry up an omelette. I figured there were probably more eggs hiding in the kitchen anyway.

I thought I found a dozen, but...

The Brave Little Toaster found one more hiding behind the mug, so I ended up with a baker's dozen instead.

So that was it. I picked apart the entire house, and definitely have no shortage of eggs. Luckily, egg plants only sprout around Easter, and the neighborhood bunnies all love egg plant.

I peeked outside one last time to make sure I hadn't missed anything before calling it a day.

It looked good to me.

Happy Easter, everyone!


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