Free passes

For school district employees
Valid July 1 - August 31
Harness included

School District Free Pass Program

What: Two free day passes to CityROCK climbing gym

Who is eligible: Any full or part-time school district employee (show valid ID or pay stub) in the following districts:
Academy D-20                       Fremont D-39
Big Sandy D-100J                  Hannover D-28
Calhan D-RJ1                        Harrison D-2
Cheyenne Mountain D-12      Lewis Palmer D-38
Colorado Springs D-11          Manitou Springs D-14
Edison D-54                          Miami-Yoder D-60
Ellicot D-22                            Peyton D-23
Falcon D-49                          Widefield D-3
Fountain – Ft. Carson D-8

Valid days/times: Monday to Friday, 6 am to 4 pm 

Valid dates: July 1 - August 31

What's included? Two passes good for entry to the facility (you can leave and come back during the valid times) and harness rental. Optional climbing shoe rental is $5.

Who can use the passes? Anyone can use the passes but the staff member must be present to show ID and receive the passes.

Can more than two people climb? Yes, you can bring other people but they will have to pay regular price.

How do I use these passes? Go to our website and fill out waivers for anyone planning to climb. Then go to the gym any time from Monday through Friday, 6 am to 4 pm (July 1 – August 31, 2021) and let them know you want to use your free school district passes. Show your valid ID and they will set you up to climb.

What if I need more information? Check out our website page for First Time visitors or call the gym at (719) 634-9099

Why are you doing this? The staff at CityROCK wanted to recognize all the hard work that schools have done over the past year for the youth of Colorado Springs. As climbers, we know that the only way to progress is to learn and grow. For our society to progress, we need good teachers and staff in our public schools. We hope you take this as a small token of our appreciation for the work you are doing for the future members of our society