Shoulder Mobility Clinic at CityROCK

Date: Fri, Oct 11
Time: From 7 to 8 PM
Cost: Free with gym entry (members and non-members)
$10 drop-in (for the clinic only)

Bodies are amazing! Our bodies are constantly adapting to the challenges we throw at them, no matter what we are doing or the terrain we are facing. The shoulders are an extremely versatile part of the body, which also makes them more susceptible to injury. Taught by Matthew Wilson, LMT, RES-CPT, this clinic will cover how to identify and unwind common shoulder restrictions and compensation patterns to improve your performance and prevent injury.

Things covered:

  • Healthy/optimal shoulder resting position
  • Compensation mechanisms (why we compensate, and why that matters)
  • Flexibility vs Mobility (ROM + Strength + motor control)
  • The shoulder's relationship to the head, ribcage, pelvis, and arms.
  • Will be covering 5 exercises to strengthen and mobilize the most underused parts of our shoulders, 3 can be done without equipment, 2 with a block, water bottle, or something of a similar length.