High School and Local Format

CityROCK is dedicated to promoting healthy, fun competitions for climbers of all ages and abilities. We were one of the first gyms in the state to organize climbing competitions specifically for high school climbers. We have continued our tradition of support for high school climbers through our involvement in the Colorado High School Climbing League. We also host local competitions that are part of the USA Climbing Series.

Our local and high school competitions give climbers three to four hours to climb up to 20 routes and 20 boulder problems. The top five scores will be added together to form a final individual score. Bonus points for flashing and leading.

USA Climbing:

USAC Bouldering Series— This competition will feature at least 40 boulder problems for all ages and abilities.

USAC Sport Climbing Series — This event features 30 rope-climbing routes for all ages and abilities.

Other Formats

Redpoint — In this competition format, climbers must go from the bottom to the top of a climb or boulder problem using only the marked holds. When the climber successfully climbs the route/problem, then he/she will get the full amount of points for the climb, regardless of how many tries it takes.
Some competitions give bonuses for flashing (getting a route/problem on the first try) or penalties for falls.

On-sight — In the unique on-sight format, climbers stay in isolation until their turn. They then have up to 5 minutes to get as high as they can on each route. They climb a total of 3 – 5 routes and are scored on the highest hold they reach.