Fitness area at CityROCK

We developed our fitness and training center into a versatile space that can accommodate not just climbers, but all types of athletes.

Fitness Area

In our fitness area we have one squat rack, a full set of dumbbells, and cardio machines. Among the cardio machines you can find treadmills, ellipticals, a rower and a bike. Other fitness equipment includes Bosu Balls, Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, Jump Ropes, and Foam Rollers.

Training Area

In our training area you can find adjustable training walls that can be set to varying degrees to meet your training goals as well as hangboards, campus boards, and a moonboard. Other climb training equipment includes Pulleys, Various Grip Blocks, Resistance Bands, Gymnastic Rings, and TRX Bands.

free to our members

Our members, at no additional cost, have full access to the above mentioned areas of our gym. We also offer free fitness classes for our members and the schedule is outlined below.

Cost: HIIT is free for CityROCK members and $10/class for non-members.


What can I do next?


If you have any question please e-mail Ian Richards or call us at 719.634.9099