General information

Challenge yourself in a new way by exploring a complex cave system under CityROCK. Compete with your friends to see who can do the least damage to the fragile cave formations. For an extra challenge, try the Fissure of Doom.

The Cave at CityROCK allows visitors to crawl through artificial cave passages to challenge themselves while learning about wild caving and cave conservation. As visitors crawl through the passage, they encounter artificial cave formations, artifacts, and cave life. Sensors provide the user with feedback about their soft-caving skills. If a visitor bumps into a stalactite, or gets too close to a cave painting, an electronic sensor behind the wall beeps, LEDs light up around the object, and a recorded voice teaches the user to be more careful next time. When the visitor leaves the cave, he or she can review their score on the Cave Computer!

Cave stats

  • 225 feet of cave passages
  • Over 50 artificial cave formations, each with advanced electronic sensors to detect when a caver bumps into a formation
  • A computer system that tracks your score
Cost: $10 cave-only

$7 with purchase of gym entry