• Occupancy is limited to 10 people in the cave at a time.
  • Keep your helmet on!
  • No chalks bags, no harnesses, and please wear closed-toed shoes (climbing shoes and street shoes are both fine).
  • Respect the cave and other cavers. Don't hit the formations on purpose. No horseplay.
  • Use emergency exits only during a real emergency. If you are uncomfortable in the cave, just turn around and go back the way you came in.

The Cave at CityROCK was designed and built by CaveSim LLC based in Manitou Springs, CO. Dave Jackson, the owner of CaveSim, is a caver and electrical engineer with two degrees from MIT. Dave's wife Tracy is a caver, geologist, and outdoor educator. Together, they design and build all of the artificial cave formations, electronic sensors, and software found in The Cave at CityROCK. Dave has two patents on cave simulators, with additional patents pending. Dave and many other skilled men and women worked for over three years building the cave passage at CityROCK. Come explore The Cave at CityROCK with us! For more information visit CaveSim LLC.