Caving Party

An incredible adventure awaits you in the cave at CityROCK.

Caves -- one of the last frontiers on earth for human exploration. Grab a helmet and explore the world's largest artificial cave, complete with video-game style scoring! Compete with friends to see how few stalactites you can hit. A computer tracks each cave formation that you bump into so you can keep score.
Parents can explore the cave too or watch from outside on night-vision cameras. We provide the caving gear, including helmets and lights.

Standard parties feature

Party hosts will facilitate your event and lead fun, educational caving activities that may include:

  • Explore 225 ft. of cave passages, including optional challenge areas, all filled with stalactites and stalagmites. Our guides will show you how the computerized scoring system works.
  • Practice cave rescue with hands-on teamwork activities with a real rescue stretcher and rescue phones.
  • Challenge yourself in our squeezebox. See how low you can go.
  • Become a bat and practice your echolocation skills with our group bat games and activities.
  • Watch ice catch fire with carbide demonstrations (weather permitting).
  • One-hour use of the party area
  • Eco-friendly plates, napkins, cups, and utensils
  • You can bring your own food or take advantage of our add-ons below
Days: Saturday and Sunday
Times: 1:00pm – 3:30pm
Cost: $269 up to 10 people

$14 each additional person

Includes: helmets, lights and caving kneepads

Add Climbing to Your party

Cost: $79 up to 10 people

$10 each additional person

Add Pizza!

Three large one-topping pizzas from Louie's ($42)
Juice (complimentary with food add-on)

  • Fill out waivers on-line for anyone that will be actively participating in the activities we offer in the gym. If you're in doubt, fill one out!
  • To book your party or check available dates, please click on the “Register” button.
  • Questions? Call the gym at 719-634-9099 or contact us.
  • Have a group with different needs? Please contact us.