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By Ian Richards

Does one of these scenarios sound like you: you just signed up for your first climbing gym membership; you have been climbing for a year; you are stuck climbing the same grade; you don’t know how to climb better but would like to climb harder grades; you feel like you need to work on technique and footwork; you want to find ways to connect with other climbers in the gym; you’d like to learn how to train for climbing.

Figuring out what to do next to improve your climbing can be challenging. Our adult programs, Movement 101 and CLIMBetter, are designed to help you progress as a climber. If you want to learn how to think with your feet, then Movement is for you. If you want to learn how to train all your energy systems, take CLIMBetter. While there’s no way we can guarantee that these classes will make you a better climber, we can guarantee the curriculum being taught will help you on your journey towards becoming a better climber. 

Movement 101 was written for those climbers that are brand new to climbing. However, the curriculum is written in such a way that any climber at any level can take the class and learn something. The class begins with climber movement prep. We call it the head-to-toes warm-up. Climbing can be hard on our bodies. This warm-up is designed to help with injury prevention. After the warm-up, its time to practice drills and technique that are the foundation to development as a climber. Do you know what it means to build a triangle using your hands and feet? Do you know about dropping your knee and turning your hips into the wall to increase efficiency while on route? If you don’t know what these terms are, then you need to join Movement and learn to think with your feet!

We are really excited about adding CLIMBetter to our programs. Most people that come in to climb on a weekly basis could spend their time doing more to get better at climbing. Generally speaking, most climbers see dramatic progress in terms of grads climbed during the first 6 months to 1 year of their climbing career. Progress tends to plateau after that initial gain, which can be frustrating especially because there’s no clear path to climbing progression. 

So how do you get better? What advice do you listen to? The CLIMBetter class was developed for climbers that feel their climbing progress has hit a point of stagnation, and they are not sure where to go. Participants in this class usually climb around the V4 level and have an interest in learning how to create their own training programs. By training, we mean climbing and adding a fitness routine that compliments climbing goals. CLIMBetter teaches you how to train for climbing using weightlifting, drills, and different suggestions on how to use the tools CityROCK provides its climbers. 

If you’re unsure which program is best for you, or want to know more about either program, please don’t hesitate to ask anyone at the Beta Center or send an email to 

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