Adult Program

Belay lesson

This class is designed to give you the very basics of how to belay a friend and is great for those who have climbed before, but perhaps have forgotten how to belay and need a refresher. This class generally takes 45 minutes, and is limited to a one-hour lesson. Due to the focused nature of this course, we ask that you schedule the lesson with a minimum of 24 hours notice.

Belay Class

Our belay class will teach you how to hold the ropes for another climber. It covers how to properly put on a harness, tie in with a figure-8 follow through, belay with a standard ATC belay device, and perform safety checks on your partner. If you have your own gear, bring it! We'll show you how to use it. To get certified, come back in at least 24 hours to test out and show us that what you learned stuck in long-term memory!

Days: Monday - Friday
Times: open - 3pm


8pm - close

Cost: $25 (10%-off for members)