Adult Classes

Intro to Lead

Please note: You must be top-rope belay certified at CityROCK in order to take this class.

Have you seen people in the gym that are not using the ropes at the top but actually taking a rope up with them as they climb? This is called lead climbing and is a higher-level technique that can also be used in outdoor climbing to get a rope to the top of a climb.
This class is an introduction to the skills needed to become a lead climber.

Learn the basics of lead climbing and lead belaying. Our instructors will also help you learn to climb more efficiently. To get certified, come back the next day (or later) to test out and show us that what you learned stuck in long-term memory! 24 hour notice required for all class sign-ups.

Must pass the CityROCK top rope belay test.
2 people minimum per class.

Days: Tuesdays
Times: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Cost: $69 per person

10% - off for CityROCK members.