Our "what do you think" cards are the primary way we gather consensus grades and simple written feedback on rope routes. We put a lot of weight on the feedback we get on those cards, both in the final difficulty grade that goes on the route and the quality of work and/or progress and development of the crew members.

Because we value this process, we ask that the members of our climbing community participate in and respect their place in this conversation. The routesetting crew would like to request that:

  • More people should feel empowered and obligated to give us grade feedback. We cannot gather a consensus if only a few people give us all the feedback. We want to know what our community thinks about these climbs and want a wider sample for more accurate grading. You do not need to "send" the route to grade it but should have some general experience with the grade and be able to do all the moves. We don't care if you lead, top rope, or autobelay it. 
  • Please try to be accurate and fair. There is no room or reason for sandbagging. Understand that our climbs are often designed for shorter people and we have to grade those climbs based on the crux that shorter people had to climb through and cannot consider a taller persons ability to skip it or reach through. If a route feels like it has too many holds, please consider others who may need those holds.
  • Please be respecful. Routesetters and other climbers (including children) read the comments on cards and disrespectful and inappropriate comments cannot be part of the written conversation.
  • Please give use feedback we can use. (i.e. We want to hear if you liked a climb and need to hear if you didn't). Please include a brief discription as to why you did or didnt like something. Examples: Liked that this route is great for training pinches! Disliked the route because the 5th move felt tweaky on my shoulders.

Lucas Bundy,
Route Setters Director