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By Shanese Furlow

How do you feel about setting and climbing on vertical terrain? Does it get you psyched? Do you find it challenging or does it come easy?Vert walls are one of the best places to set a variety of my favorite moves at beginner and advance levels.

For instance, I’m a big fan of techy crimp sequences. A vert wall is a great angle for deviously small holds that would otherwise be impossible to use if the terrain was any steeper. Small holds on vert entice climbers to rely heavily on their feet. Depending on how minimal the feet are, the climber may need to make many small hand movements before moving their feet again.

Ideas for fun challenges to try and set on vertical terrain:


Technical crimp/sloper sequences

Coordination moves

Balance big feet with small/no hands

My favorite boulder problems have a variety of moves that flow seamlessly into each other. I frequently use this as inspiration for my indoor setting. If you have the space, try combining one move into the other. (Setter Tip: If your having trouble setting a move try finding a video on YouTube of a climber executing the move. Pay attention to their body positions what type of hold they’re using and how that hold is angled.)

Example of a Simple "Roll Out" Sequence

-Climber starts in a mantle press position. They must use their arms to “press” their weight over the high left foot to gain the left hand. Slopers are great for mantle moves!

-Turn holds in the direction you want the climber to pull. The more severe the holds are turned, the harder the sequence will likely be. This will also help entice the sequence you want, especially if you want a cross (rose move) like in the example.

-In this sequence, only one foot is needed. The climber switches feet before or after crossing the right hand.

- The last hold is far away. This entices the climber to fully commit to unwinding (rolling out) from the cross position in order to reach out for the next hold.

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