What are the appropriate ages for the Aerie? 
The Aerie is specifically designed for children under the age of 8. We welcome children older children, but ask that all participants be respectful of the safety and well being of our younger participants. 

Is there a weight limit? 
Our nets will hold up to 4000 pounds or one adult elephant. 

Can adults be on the nets? 
Yes, we encourage adults to accompany their young participants on the nets.

Can I be in the Aerie when classes are going on
No. The Aerie will be closed during Pebbles classes Monday - Thursday before 6 PM. 

Do I have to accompany my child? 
Yes. Parents must be present for children in the Aerie. Parents must be within arms-reach of children under the age of 8 at all times. 

What if my child has never climbed?
The Aerie is designed for entry level climbing for young children. They can climb has high or low as they'd like, on nets, climbing holds, and other fun vertical features. 

Can children climb at age 2? 
Yes. Children are natural climbers. Even though it might seem a little scary, we find that they have a natural aptitude for discovering their vertical world. 

My child isn't potty-trained or is only partially potty trained, is that okay? What if they wear training diapers? 
For the Aerie, that's great! For our Pebbles program, we require fully potty trained children. There's a diaper changing station located in the bathrooms on the main level, and a small bathroom located in the training area. We ask that you tend to your child's potty needs or accidents immediately.  Our facility does not dispose of used diapers. Please take them with you when you leave. Thank you!

Do they need special gear? 
We recommend that children wear shirts, leggings, pants, or shorts.  Rope burns are possible on the nets. Please dress appropriately. Socks or closed-toed shoes are required. No barefeet or open-toed shoes. Children without socks or closed-toed shoes will be required to rent shoes or purchase socks from our front desk. 
Certain play features like our autobelays will require harnesses, which can be rented at the front desk. 

Can the Aerie be rented out?
Not at this time. Keep checking back for updates. 

Is the Aerie always open for use? 
No. The Aerie is closed during Pebbles classes. Please see the open hours for the Aerie and plan accordingly. 

Do you offer free trials? 
No. We do not offer any free trials to the Aerie or Pebbles program. 

Can kids over the age of 12 be in the Aerie?
Older children must respect the Aerie as a playspace for young children. Young children have the right of way to use this space. Any older children impeding the younger children from using the playspace, will be asked to leave. 

Who needs a waiver and who can sign a participant's waiver? 
Everyone who enters the building will need a current waiver on file. ONLY parents or legal guardians of the participants under the age of 18 may sign the participant's waiver. Our waiver can be found online here, and can be filled out prior to arrival. We recommend filling out waivers prior to coming to CityROCK.