What are your COVID-19 policies for the Aerie?
We are following the current guidelines set by the El Paso Health Department, which follow CDC guidelines

What will your child need to bring?
Please pack a water bottle, small snack, and a small personal bag to keep these in.

What should my child wear?
Comfortable clothing.  Pants, leggings, or shorts tend to be the most comfortable for activities such as climbing, jumping, swinging, crawling and when wearing a climbing harness. Closed toed shoes and socks are best.  We cannot have bare feet in the Aerie and will need closed-toed shoes for climbing. 

Should parents stay with their child during Pebbles class?
The first class of each new four week session, parents are invited to stay with their child if they would like.  It is exciting to see the fun activities and space their child will experience.  After this first class, parents are encouraged to rock climb, go do yoga, work out or take a walk for some coffee.  Parents of children 2 & 3 years of age need to be within a 10 minute response to time of CityROCK.  

What if the parent needs to be reached for an emergency?
The cell phone number provided at the time of registration will be used in the event of an emergency. Parents of children ages 2-3 need to stay within the building. Parents of children ages 4-6 need to be within a 10-minute response time of CityROCK.

What if the child misses a class?
If a child can not make it to their scheduled class, parents will be given a voucher for the Aerie to be used on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday outside of the regularly scheduled Pebbles class.

Why are the Pebbles classes so small?
We now realize that quality over quantity is of great value when it comes to the acute attention we give your child in Pebbles class. Keeping a low ratio of child to instructor means your child receives more attention and has more opportunity for quality play and instruction during class.  The small class size means more connection and a relaxed environment for learning and discovery.

Why does the Pebbles program run in 4 week sessions?
Pebbles program is designed to grow with your child and meet them at their place of development.  By running  4 week sessions, your child receives both familiar and new content each week allowing the curriculum to build on itself alongside the progress of your child.

How many 4 week sessions can you sign up for in advance? 
You are welcome to sign up consecutive sessions, each pre-paid.  This reserves your child’s place in the class. 

What if a parent chooses to skip a 4 week session?
If you decide to skip a 4 week session, another child on the waitlist then has the opportunity to fill that opening. 

Why is Pebbles pre-paid only?
By pre-paying, a parent is reserving a regular place for their child in the Pebbles program.  This allows for the Pebbles instructor to know in advance how to plan and customize each class over 4 weeks.  We know that relationship builds trust and trust brings a more enriched experience for the individual child. 

What if a parent arrives late or needs to pick up their child early?
Because there is a curriculum and a soft structure to the Pebbles classes, it is always a wonderful consideration to let the instructor know in advance of a late arrival or an early pickup so she may plan for an easier transition for the child and the entire class.