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who we are

Who we are

Let's go more up together

Once upon a climb, a CityROCK staff member cut a foam finger out of some old flooring material, wrote “Go More Up” on it, and started using it to encourage climbers to keep trying to go more up. 

The more we saw the foam finger, the more we began to realize that it symbolized what CityROCK is all about. We want to go more up. We want a space where all are welcome to go more up, whatever that “up” is, because we recognize going up isn’t just about getting to the top. It’s about improving ourselves, creating lasting friendships, and adding spice to our lives. 

CityROCK is a group of passionate individuals committed to community-based health and fitness.  CityROCK is the old Ute 70 Theater turned into a downtown vertical playground for humans ages 2 to 102. CityROCK invites you to come in and see how we can continue to go more up together.