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Summer Aerie hours end on August 30. Pebbles will begin using the Aerie as their classroom in September, restricting the hours that the Aerie is open to the public.

Welcome to the Aerie...

Named after an eagle’s nest because it is a cozy space, positioned in the highest reaches of CityROCK, set against a backdrop suggestive of heights and open spaces.

Lovingly handcrafted for children who love to climb, swing, bounce and slide. This special space is designated for children ages 6 and under. All children in the Aerie must be accompanied by an adult for the full duration of play.

This unique space contains “traditional” climbing and bouldering as well as tunnels, slides, swings, beautiful bouncy nets (woven by Tree Net Willy), and all the other necessary ingredients to foster imaginative play in an environment conducive to movement and joy.

This amazing room is home to our Pebbles classes during the day on Monday through Thursday, September through May. Click here to find out more. 

The playspace is open to anyone of 6 years of age and under with a valid day pass or CityROCK membership (the Aerie is included in CityROCK membership) during public Aerie hours. All participants and accompanying adults must have a current CityROCK waiver.  

To fill out a waiver, please use this link. 

Use this link for more Aerie FAQs. 


Public Aerie Hours

The hours below are for June – August while our Pebbles classes are on break for the summer. The Aerie hours will be limited again once Pebbles classes start back up in September. 

Monday – Friday  ($22 Aerie pass):

6:00 AM – 9:45 PM

Saturday – Sunday   ($22 Aerie pass): 

11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Aerie Code of Conduct

Aerie Code of Conduct

  • The Aerie is a special place designated for children ages 6 & under. Children over the age of 6 will be asked to leave the space.
  • All participants (adults and children) must have current waivers on file, signed by the participant’s parent or legal guardian. Parent/guardian must accompany their child or children at all times while in the Aerie.  
  • Clean shoes and or socks  must always be worn while in the Aerie.  No bare feet.
  • No chalk in the Aerie.  No food or beverages in the Aerie.  Please use the cubbies outside the door to keep water bottles and personal items.
  • Personal electronic devices (pads, tablets, phones) should be kept in the cubbies outside or in a zippered or button secured pocket. Gravity is a real thing!
  • The Aerie is an extension of the climbing gym where gravity exists.  There are hard surfaces and fall hazards in the nets. Stay within arm’s reach of your child if you are at all concerned with their stability on the nets. Children must have their parent/guardian present in the Aerie at all times while playing. 
  • Be a good person and practice good climber etiquette! Look out for each other, be kind, be considerate, and play respectfully.
  • The Aerie is designated for gentle play for the youngest in our climbing community.  No rough play! Unkind and rude behavior will lead to a boot from the Aerie.

Have a child who is psyched about climbing? We offer climbing programs for children ages 3 to 17. Children 6 and under can participate in our Pebbles program. Children 6 to 8 are perfect for Boulders. And children 9 to 17 will have a blast in our Club