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Leap Day Dynos

Thursday, February 29th

4 PM – Close

Leap on Leap Day. The setters will set dynos for you to leap on. No registration required. Free to members. Regular day pass pricing for non-members. 

Free Massage Night

Free Massage Night

Last Wednesday of every month.

5 PM – 7 PM

Samantha Goeke of Divine Glow Massage Therapy will be offering free monthly massage to CityROCK members starting on January 31st from 5 PM to 7 PM. Sign up the week before at the Beta Center.

Acro Yoga

Acro Yoga

The 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month.  

11 AM

Free to members

Join us for a monthly acro deep dive into skills and drills to expand your acro abilities! All experience levels welcome, no partner needed.

Warrior's Way with Sevve Stember

Warrior's Way with Sevve Stember

Wednesday, February 28th 5 PM- 9 PM
$165 for members
$185 for non-members

This clinic addresses fear of falling and improving commitment. We’ll do falling, movement, and resting exercises and apply all learned skills to a challenging route. We’ll do this in small increments creating appropriate progressions for each individual student. You’ll leave with a structured method for taking appropriate risks with diminished fear.

You’ll learn:

  • To fall safely
  • To give a cushioned belay
  • To distinguish between no- and yes-fall zones
  • How to engage no- and yes-fall zones
  • To break a climb into smaller risk events
  • Better risk assessment
  • How to rest effectively
  • To improve breathing
  • To trust the body
  • To create flow and momentum
  • To commit more deliberately
  • To reduce fear


    • Minimum 6 months climbing experience.
    • Climb a minimum of 5.9 in the gym without falling or hanging.
    • Being able to lead climb is not required, however, if students want to lead during the clinic they must get lead certified at the gym PRIOR to the clinic date.
      • For climbers who rope climb.
      • Some exercises are on toprope; some are on lead.

Student goals:

    • Improve commitment
    • Diminish fear of falling

Equipment Needed:

    • Harness, shoes, and belay device
    • A rope and draws (if the gym doesn’t provide these)
    • A helmet is recommended, but not required

Women's Climb Night

Women's Climb Night

The first Monday of every month. 
6 PM – 8 PM

All women, women identifying, and nonbinary climbers are welcome to attend. 

Member Physical Therapy Night

Member PT Night

The first Thursday of every month.
6 PM – 8 PM
15-minute sessions
Sign up at the Beta Center starts the week prior.

Come meet Kelly (if you haven’t already). “As a passionate rock climber, I am thrilled to offer my expertise and support to my fellow CityROCKers through my free physical therapy services. Services are tailored specifically to help climbers enhance their performance, prevent injuries, and optimize their overall climbing experience.”
Find out more about Kelly and High Point Physical Therapy here

Want to learn how to belay, learn to lead, or learn how to use our training facilities. Check out our belay lessons, Intro to Lead, and personal coaching

Questions? Email us about our programs.