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outdoor programs

outdoor programs

CityROCK and Pikes Peak Alpine School have teamed up to offer CityROCK members and guests ways to start climbing outdoors. 

Gym to Crag (GtC)

Take your indoor climbing skills outdoors with this 2-part class. You’ll spend 3 hours here at CityROCK with a PPAS guide before heading outside for an 8 hour day climbing at one of our local crags. 

  • 3 hour, Friday evening, gym session at CityROCK with PPAS guide
  • 8 hour outdoor session on Saturday with PPAS guide
  • $185/member, $200/non-member
  • Needs a minimum of 3 climbers to run, 8 climber max
  • 4:1 max climber to guide ratio for outdoor session, or 8:2 (two guides)


Participants MUST know how to top rope belay. If you do not, you must take a belay class prior to registering for GTC.  

This is not a beginner class. 


Friday June 17, Saturday June 18
Friday July 8, Saturday July 9
Friday August 12, Saturday August 13
Friday September 9, Saturday September 10

Rescue clinic, rescue 101:

Want to learn how to rescue yourself or your partner? This course will teach you the basics of climbing rescue techniques. 

  • 4 hour gym session with PPAS guide
  • $55/climber
  • Need 4 climbers to run, 6 climber max


You MUST know the following prior to signing up for the Rescue clinic: 

  • How to lead belay
  • Anchor building and cleaning
  • Rope handling

If you do not know how to do these things, please learn these skills prior to signing up for the Rescue Clinic. 



Want to learn how to belay, learn to lead, or learn how to use our training facilities. Check out our belay lessons, clips and whips, and personal coaching

Questions? Email us about our programs.