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risk Mitigation Policies

risk mitigation policies

climbing and belaying

  1. Climbers and belayers will need to pass a belay test administered by our staff. Those who fail to correctly demonstrate these skills may take the test again on the next visit.

  2. Climbers will tie the rope directly into their harnesses with a figure 8 retrace knot (the only knot we allow) and will demonstrate their ability to properly belay. 

  3. Climbers must be 8 years or older to top rope belay; 14 for lead belay. Climbers under this age may be approved to belay at staff discretion on a case-by-case basis.

  4. All climbers must have a signed waiver on file. Any climber under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian’s signature.

  5. No sitting or lying down while belaying. 


  1. Boulderers should use their own judgment in the use of pads and spotters. 

  2. Boulder only in designated areas and no higher than fifteen feet.  Remember, the higher you climb, the farther you can fall.

  3. Never boulder underneath someone – you can be seriously injured if they fall on you.

general policies

  1. All digital agreements must be signed prior to participation.
  2. Adults are responsible for their children at all times. 

  3. No running, yelling, playing or swinging on the ropes, wrestling, foul language, or horseplay will be tolerated. 

  4. No smoking, drugs, or alcohol are permitted in the facility. Anyone suspected of being under the influence will not be permitted in the facility.

  5. Please inform staff of any situation that you think might be unsafe or not in accordance with these policies. Climbers are encouraged to assist less experienced climbers. Please inform staff of any accidents or equipment damage immediately.

  6. Please keep belongings off the floor and out of the way. Belongings left behind will be donated to charity.

  7. All climbers must watch the CityROCK orientation video on their first visit regardless of experience level. 


Many gyms will not allow dry-tooling due to the risks involved with having people 40 feet in the air with sharp objects.  Please respect our willingness to let you do this by following our rules.

  1. You must be 18 or in the presence of a parent or legal guardian to dry tool.
  2. Dry tooling is allowed ONLY at staff discretion. 
  3. Dry tooling to be done on top rope only, no auto belays.
  4. If the facility is crowded or becomes crowded you may be asked to refrain from dry tooling.
  5. Climbers and belayers must wear helmets with visors or protective glasses. 
  6. Climbers must use leashes on their tools, either standard wrist leashes or harness-attached ones.
  7. No leading allowed outside competitions and special events.  If you want to lead, you may mock lead on top rope.
  8. Before climbing, please alert the staff and get helmets if you do not have one.
  9. Cone off the area around your climb, allowing for a swing zone. 
  10. Alert the climbers near you that you will be climbing with sharp tools in your hands.
  11. Proceed with your dry tooling adventure.