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Aerie and Pebbles

The Aerie is our vertical, imaginative playspace just for kids. We offer programs for kids ages 3-6. 

beta center

Our Beta Center is our front of the house operations staffed with friendly and knowledgable climbers. We are here to assist you with your CityROCK experience. At the Beta Center you can purchase day passes, rent equipment, sign-up for membership and programs, and get certified to autobelay, belay, or lead climb. 


If you are a business and would like to partner with us, contact our marketing team.  We strive to build long lasting collaborations with local and out-of-state businesses, organizations, magazines, etc.


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or organizing an event at CityROCK please contact our Event coordinator, Becks Taylor. 


CityROCK offers programs for adults and kids. If you are interested in any of our classes or would like to learn more about our indoor climbing camps please use the button below to contact the Director of Education. 


If you would like to discuss about matters that go beyond regular administration, or if you simply would like to share your opinion or send us feedback don’t hesitate to contact our General Manager, Heather Robinson by clicking on the following button.


If you’d like to discuss CityROCK routesetting with CityROCK routesetters, please use the form below and it will put you in contact with Lucas Bundy, Director of Routesetting.