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Most frequent questions and answers (click on carabiner for answers)

Yes! No membership required. See daily rates.

Climbing is open to the public anytime CityROCK is open for normal business hours. CityROCK is not open to the public during Members Only climbing on Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 11 AM. The Aerie has limited hours. Please check here for Aerie hours. 

Members Only climbing is Saturdays and Sundays from 9 AM to 11 AM. Only current Monthly EFT and Prepaid members can climb during this time. No punch passes, day passes, free passes, or guest passes permitted. 

We think most climbers are “afraid of heights” but it kicks in at different altitudes. Please let us know and we can give you tips and tricks that have helped other people overcome their fear.  Climbing is something we do naturally. You might be surprised to find out you’re better at it than you thought you would be!

Yes. Our staff will want to make sure you are using belay and/or lead practices that we allow in our gym. You must take and pass these tests before you belay or lead in our gym.

Kids ages 8 and older can top rope belay once they pass the CityROCK belay test. 

Kids ages 14 and older can lead belay once they pass the CityROCK lead test. Kids under the age of 18 must have a lead waiver signed by a parent or guardian prior to taking the lead test. 

Our sport walls are as high as 43-feet. Our boulder is 14-feet tall.

Competitions or clinics that have a competitor/participant cap, minimum, or maximum  are non-refundable except under extreme circumstances. We do this because you’re taking a spot from someone else, or preventing a class/clinic from happening by cancelling at the last minute. 

Annual, prepaid, EFT memberships, kids programs, and camps are non-refundable except under extreme circumstances, which will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

We only offer day passes unless you’re coming for Morning Climb or Night Owl Climb. You are welcome to stay as long as you’d like, or as long as your forearms will allow. Come and go throughout the day. Take a yoga class (included in the price of a day pass), run on our treadmills, lift weights, do it all. 

Although climbers tend to have strong upper bodies, footwork is what gets climbers up a route. A good tip is to get your feet higher so you can use the strong muscles of your legs to push you up to grab the next hold. Hands keep you on the wall, your legs propel you up it. If you want to learn more about climbing technique, take one of our Intro Classes.

Wear comfortable activewear that stretches and bends as you move up the wall. You don’t have to wear pants, but keep in mind that you’ll be wearing a harness to climb our tall walls. You want to wear something that fits comfortably under a harness. You’ll see many of our climbers in yoga pants or capris, tank tops, t-shirts, and longer shorts or pants for men.

Yes! We offer bouldering, top rope, lead, movement, and other classes for adults. Please see our Adult Programs.

Our setters work to reset walls approximately every 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the season. Our easiest route is a 5.5 and our easiest boulder problem is a V0. Our most difficult route is 5.14- and our most difficult boulder problem is V12. We are a very movement oriented gym. You’ll find a well-rounded assortment of routes and problems that emphasize footwork.

If you want to take your indoor climbing skills outdoors, check out our community partner Pikes Peak Alpine School. Pete Lardy and his guides will teach you how to safely and effectively climb outdoors. They offer courses in rock climbing, ice climbing, and other outdoor sports.

CityROCK does offer a Gym-to-Crag program in partnership with Pikes Peak Alpine School. Click here for more details.

We rent harnesses and shoes, but do not rent lead ropes. Lead climbers must bring their own lead ropes to use for lead climbing. 

You must wear a closed-toed shoe to climb on our walls. No barefoot climbing, crocs, or sandals are allowed. You may wear boots or 5 toe shoes, but we don’t recommend them. The benefits of climbing shoes are sticky rubber and stiff soles. The rubber and stiffness allow climbers to have better friction while climbing, which gives you added confidence to stand on climbing holds. Wearing socks is optional. Most climbers do not wear socks with climbing shoes, however, wearing a sock might help prevent hot spots. We do spray our shoes between each use.

Regardless of experience, all first-time visitors must sign a waiver. Our Beta Center staff will pull your waiver into our system and ring you up. Then, you’ll sit down to watch our orientation video. Even if you’ve climbed Mt. Everest, you still must watch our orientation video. It will acquaint you with the rules of our gym.

After you’ve watched the orientation video, put on your harness and other gear. One of our staff will take you out onto the climbing floor for an auto-belay check. If you have climbed and you know how to belay, ask our staff to belay certify you. If you know how to belay, but also want to use our auto-belays, you must have our staff take you to the climbing floor for an auto-belay check.

Once you pass your auto-belay check or belay certification, you’re on your own to enjoy our facility. Our friendly staff is available to help you enjoy our facility and be self-sufficient. Ask us any questions you have. There are no silly questions! Learning to climb can be intimidating. We want to make your climbing experience fun, positive, and safe.

Kids are natural-born climbers. CityROCK is a kid-friendly facility with options for kids ages 18 months and up. You will often see babies hanging out with parents, kids in the Aerie, kids on the boulder, and kids climbing our tallest walls. However, we require parental or adult supervision for children under the age of 14 at all times. Climbing is an inherently dangerous sport. We will not supervise your children. Children cannot supervise other children. CityROCK reserves the right to ask you and your child to leave the facility if a child misbehaves, cannot follow the rules, or is putting their selves or others in harms way. We do not allow running, horseplay, fighting, screaming or yelling, or rule breaking inside CityROCK. 

No. Only participants have to pay. We encourage you to come in, hang out, watch, take pictures, and enjoy!

We do! After climbing, stop by our restaurant and craft beverage pub The UTE specializing in healthy, delicious food with many vegan options. They have everything from protein shakes to craft kombucha, craft beer, flatbread pizza, salads, and the infamous Honnold bowl. The food is guaranteed to replenish your climbing muscles.

 Follow them on Facebook or Instagram to stay up-to-date!

If you want to take the next step and purchase your own climbing gear, head on over to our community partner Mountain Chalet. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff members will help you find the right set-up for all your climbing pursuits.

We use Perfect Descent and Trublue autobelays at CityROCK. The manufacturers rate the autobelays for 25 to 320 pounds. 

Top ropes and bouldering do not have weight limits. With bouldering, we recommend climbing only as high as you are comfortable falling. 


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