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Pebbles FAQ

Pebbles FAQ

all about pebbles

all about pebbles

Most frequent questions and answers

We are follow the guidelines set by the El Paso Health Department, which follow CDC guidelines. Children who have a fever, harsh cough, stomachache or are experiencing persistent sneezing and runny nose ought to stay home in consideration to their comfort and that of the other children in the class. 

Children will need a labeled and filled water bottle, a snack, and a personal bag to keep their items. Personal items such as toys, electronics and jewelry need to stay tucked away in the child’s bag for the duration of the class.

Comfortable clothing.  Pants, leggings, or shorts tend to be the most comfortable for activities such as climbing, jumping, swinging, crawling and when wearing a climbing harness. Closed toed shoes and socks are best.  NO bare feet in the Aerie. Participants will need closed-toed shoes for climbing. 

For the first class, parents are invited to stay with their child for the first 10 minutes of class. After the first class, parents are encouraged to kiss and go. Parents of children who still need assistance in the bathroom must stay on location to support their child in the bathroom. All parents must be within a 5-minute response time of the gym for the duration of the class.

The cell phone number provided at the time of registration will be used in the event of an emergency. Parents may update their cell phone number at drop off. Parents of children under the age of 4 need to stay within the building. All parents must be within a 5-minute response time of CityROCK for the duration of the class.

If a child cannot make it to their scheduled class, parents need to call or email ahead of time prior to the missed class. This is in consideration of the coach and the class time. For advance notice absences, a punch pass is added to the child’s account.  No shows do not receive a pass and can result in removal of the class.

CityROCK youth programs place value in quality over quantity. When it comes to the acute attention we give your child in Pebbles class, keeping a low ratio of child to coach means your child receives more attention and has more opportunity for quality instruction. The small class size also allows for stronger connection with peers and coach.

Pebbles program is designed to grow with your child and meet them at their place of development.  By running 8-week sessions, your child receives both familiar and new content each week allowing the curriculum to build on itself alongside the progress of your child.