CityROCK yoga Instructors and class descriptions



LeAnne, Power Vinyasa
LeAnne's Power Vinyasa starts with more basic postures and continues by offering more advanced variations with an invitation for students to choose their best options throughout class.

YogiJo, Mobility Yoga
YogiJo's Mobility Yoga focuses on increasing the mobile function of the body as the mind is eased and quieted.

Christine, Power Vinyasa
Gracefully linking one posture to the next, Christine's Power Vinyasa is an energetic flow of moving meditation and a graceful dance between ease and effort. This is an all-levels practice for yogis of varying abilities. Props, such as blocks and straps, are incorporated into the practice.

Morgan, Power Vinyasa
Morgan's Power Vinyasa is an energetic yoga flow where students fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting their breathing to their movements, feeling revitalized and refreshed after a physical practice.

Anna, Vinyasa
Anna's Vinyasa practice, commonly referred to as "flow yoga," allows students to move between postures using breath. The biggest components are flow, breath, and variety, making this practice good for all levels where students choose the variations and modifications best for them. No class is the same!

Christian, Power Vinyasa - Sunrise Yoga

Grace, Vinyasa
Grace's Vinyasa practice connects movement with movement, creating body awareness and mindfulness for all levels.

Ayano, Gentle Yoga - Power Yoga
Ayano's Gentle Yoga cultivates body awareness and embodied mindfulness through gentle movements and restorative postures.
Explore vigorous movements and engaging postures to build internal heat and increased stamina, strength, balance and flexibility in Ayano's Power Yoga class.

Ed, Vinyasa Flow
Ed's Vinyasa Flow practice is core yoga combined with a multi-disciplinary style of yoga which aims to give students more flexibility, increased strength through training, and aerobic activity. Core yoga, as opposed to core strength training, thrives on the concept of focus, breathing, and movement as the root of inner strength.

Matt and Kristen, Acro Yoga
Matt and Kristen's Acro Yoga class is partner yoga based in acrobatics, playfulness, and trust. Practice fundamentals from 7:30 - 8:30 PM, and intermediate skills from 8:30 - 9:30 PM. No partner required!